Keyword Progressive Anagram Generator

version 1 . 5 . 0

For obvious reasons you can only enter words with unique letters. Duplicate letters will be removed.


If you don't know what this is for, don't ask.

Simply enter the desired keyword. Progressive Anagram will be magically generated.

Everytime the app runs, a new unique result is generated. So if you aren't happy with the result, simply tap generate again.

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I have no idea where the P.A. originates, if you do, let me know and I will update the credits.

There is another generator written by Kevin Dunn that you can find here.

Leo Boudreau's 1989 Skulduggery is credited with the idea of hiding a progressive anagram within a sentence in order to use the last word to tip off the remaining words when spelled backwards. Kevin Dunn's contribution has been to automate the selection of the anagram sequence. He also came up with the idea of writing anagrams in haiku. Be sure to check out his generator for more info on that idea.

Another type of online Progressive Anagram Generator was written by Maxime Helier and can be found here.

Be sure to give this page on the Jerx a visit. Andy as always, shares some great ideas.